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Benefits and Features Of Nursing adaptation Program

  • Assured placements in Germany with free accommodation and food.
  • Option to settle with family
  • Easy PR application in Germany
  • Complete Medical coverage
  • Low fees compared to other Universities.
  • Bank transaction and balance maintenance not required.
  • Quick Processing
  • Study, Work and Settle
  • Increased salary after two years.
  • Students will travel on Student Visa
  • Fly within 3 Months
  • Study work and settle with you family
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    Training In

    Enrolled Students Will Get Training In

    Germany Nursing Adaption Licensing Training.

    A1 to B2 level German language training

    Mock Language Exams

    Practical Teaching

    Nursing adaptation Program

    Program Name Nursing adaptation program
    Duration 10 months
    Intakes 2022 (Rolling Intake)
    University located Croatia, Malta, Slovenia
    Eligibility 3 or 4years Nursing / Diploma + 1-year minimum Experience
    Program International Certificate + International License+ Placement

    Admissions Processing Steps

    • Step 1

      Submitting the documents.
    • step 2

      Application processing letter with the Payment of the first installment
    • step 3

      Eligibility Processing Letter
    • Step 4

      conditional offer letter from the university
    • Step 5

      Payment of the balance fees (instalments in Needed)
    • Step 6

      acceptance letter from university
    • Step 7

      Study Permit, Visa supporting documents and admission confirmation Letter from the University.
    • Step 8

      Visa Processing from Local Embassy.
    • Step 9

      Visa and Ticketing
    • Step 10

      Pre-Travel orientation.
    • Step 11



    1. International Passport
    2 CV PDF
    3 Educational certificate and Transcripts
    • 10th Mark sheet
    • 12th Certificate 1
    • 12th Certificate 2
    • 12th Certificate 3
    • B.SC/GNM Mark Sheet 1st Year
    • B.SC/GNM Mark Sheet 2nd Year
    • BSC/GNM Mark Sheet 3rd Year
    • BSC/GNM Mark Sheet 4th Year
    • BSC/GNM DEGREE Certificate
    4 Nurse Registration Scanned Copy
    5 Photograph in .Jpeg format
    6 LOR (Letter of Recommendation) Email /PDF
    7 MOI (Medium of Instruction) Email / PDF

    Process After Reaching The Campus Till Placements

    • Students will travel on TPR for His/her studies.
    • Study duration: 10 months
    • After 10 Months: Placement in Germany with stipend salary of 1300 Euros to 1900 Euros as an asst nurse in Germany hospitals for the first 6 months (TPR will get converted to temporary work Visa with free food, accommodation Complete medical coverage, taxation)
    • After 6 months a temporary work visa will get converted into a permanent work visa, where the student can take their family along with them to Germany.
    • The family gets free accommodation from the hospital along with 50% taxation payments from the hospital.
    • Free studies to Kinder Garden kids.
    • Students can apply for a PR after 5 years of residency.
    • The student can either travel to anywhere around the world after 5 years of experience in Germany or continue the job in Germany with our certificate and License.


    Quality Assurance In Health And Social Care (40 – Guided Learning Hours)

    • Explain the importance of quality management and to explore how issues of quality are related to the health and social care services.
    • Introduce concepts of quality management and to apply QM methods and tools.
    • Enable participants to take active part in implementing of quality systems.
    • Present different methods of assessing quality and their application to health and social care.
    • Enable participants to make recommendations for improving quality.
    • Introduce concepts of TQM, business excellence model and sustainable growth.

    Mental Health (40 – Guided Learning Hours)

    • Discuss how mental disorders/illnesses are classified.
    • Describe the signs and symptoms of commonly experienced mental health problems.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills required for assessing people with commonly experienced mental health problems and to undertake a mental status examination.
    • Describe the process of engaging with people who experience distress.

    Gerontology (40 – Guided Learning Hours)

    • Develop an understanding of the theory and multidisciplinary perspectives in gerontology.
    • Analyze research and policies on gerontological issues.
    • Demonstrate critical awareness of best practices and interventions that facilitate positive aging.
    • Reflect on global experiences of elder persons and apply to a local context.

    Infection, Prevention And Control (40 – Guided Learning Hours)

    • Explain how infection is caused and spread.
    • Describe the prevention and control of spreading infection.
    • Develop knowledge of relevant infection prevention and control legislation.
    • Recognise the range of occupations their duties and limitations in relative to the control of infection.

    Why Spims?

    • Students from Sree pashmi Institute are supported with complete guidance and support to their course completion.
    • Having created unsurpassed standards in the international student recruitment avenue, SPIMS has now expanded into medical recruitments in Germany. Realizing the untapped potential of the available healthcare professionals in the market and finding a dearth of professional recruitment platforms, SPIMS has entered into the market with its own recruitment portal.
    • So whether you are a budding medical professional with minimum work experience looking to start your career in Germany or a well experienced professional wishing to expand your boundaries, SPIMS is here to answer any and all queries you may have.
    • SPIMS strives to achieve high standards in medical recruitment by guiding and assisting qualified practitioners and maintaining strong working relations with top medical organizations in Germany.

    Why Germany?

    • The German economy has a great demand for professionals in different occupations, especially in the field Health, research and more.
    • Germany is recognized as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Germany has largely been untouched by serious natural disasters and its political system is stable.
    • The working hours in Germany are also less.
    • The German healthcare sector, including its industry and all services is one of the largest grossing sectors of the German economy. This makes it one of the most sought after and well paid jobs in the country.

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